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BlueGrass Mallery

(aka "DIVA")


BlueGrass Mallery (better known as “Diva”) is a remarkable jennet and a real trooper. At the beginning of 2014, I had no driver having just sold our 2013 Jennet of the Year AssN9 Cloud Nine. In an effort to participate in the 2014 show season, I needed driver.  Although we had several young  promising performance animals, none was old enough to compete for the 2014 show season. We therefore, looked at our brood jennets to see which would make the best driver.

BlueGrass Mallery was our best alternative since she was a half sister to Cloud Nine. She had the right mind for training and takes all things in stride. She is fearless, a trait that her sire has thrown on most all of his offspring.  However, she was eight years old and had a jennet foal by her side that was not yet weaned.   We decided to wean the foal at 4 months so we could send Mallery to “boot camp” at Sandi Costa’s in Navasota, Texas. So in late January she was sent to “boot camp” with the hope of having her ready for the Nationals in Kansas in May.

At “boot camp” Mallery progressed rapidly and Sandi gave her the nickname of “Diva”. Kim had been talking about getting a team so after only a month of training, Daisy (Long Run My Girl) was also sent to Sandi to start training as a team. In early April, the two returned to AssN9 Ranch ready to go both individually and as a team.

Throughout 2014, the team competed in three shows that offered team driving and won high point in each one. Diva competed individually in six shows and won high point or reserve in four out of the six as a green donkey.



 High Point Champion Open – Kansas Donkey Days

High Point Champion Team—Kansas Donkey Days

High Point Champion Open—Music City-Shelbyville, TN

High Point Champion Open—Great Celebration-Shelbyville, TN

Reserve High Point Champion Team—Texas Shootout

Reserve High Point Champion Open—Texas Shootout

Reserve High Point Champion Team—Texas State Championship (NMDA Nationals)

Reserve High Point Champion Open—Kansas State Fair

High Point Champion Team—Kansas State Fair

High Point Champion Open--Lonestar Longears Classic

High Point Champion Open—Texas State Fair

High Point Champion Open--Arkansas State Fair



Reserve High Point Champion Green--Kansas Donkey Days

High Point Champion Team--Kansas Donkey Days

Reserve High Point Champion Green--Music City

Reserve High Point Champion Green--The Great Celebration (Shelbyville)

Reserve High Point Champion Green--Texas State Championship

High Point Champion Green--Kansas State Fair

High Point Champion Green--Oklahoma State Fair

High Point Champion Green--Silver Spur Classic



Reserve High Point Champion Green – SDMS Spring Show--Corsicana, TX

High Point Team Green—NMDA National Show-Hutchinson, KS

High Point Green—Great Celebration-Shelbyville, TN

Reserve Champion Jennet--Great Celebration--Shelbyville, TN

Reserve High Point Green (NMDA)—ADMS National Show-Bryan, TX

Reserve High Point Green (ADMS)—ADMS National Show-Bryan, TX

High Point Team—ADMS National Show-Bryan, TX

High Point Green—Kansas State Fair-Hutchinson, KS

High Point Team—Kansas State Fair-Hutchinson, KS

Reserve High Point Green—Texas State Fair-Dallas, TX

2014 GCDMA High Point Champion Green

2014 NMDA High Point Jennet of the Year





2014 Celebration Barrel Race--Shelbyville, TN

2014 Celebration In-Hand Jumping--Shelbyville, TN


2014 NMDA Nationals--Hutchinson, KS


2014 ADMS Nationals--Bryan, TX